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Course Schedule for 3rd Quarter of 2016

Pranic Healing Class in Vermont
Level One Pranic Healing

Mercy Farm
56 Howard Hill Road, Benson, VT 05743-9432
Mercy Farm is an eco-spiritual center, where guests come for a change - to connect with nature, to make a retreat.  We are so excited to bring Pranic Healing to Vermont in this lovely retreat center.  They have lovely rooms, areas  for quiet contemplation and beautiful natural surroundings to just breathe in nature.  Room and board cost is $55.00 per night which includes three meals Saturday and Sunday.
To reserve your room call Mercy Farm at (802) 537-4531.
To see more about Mercy Farm their website is www.mercyecology.org.
(To reserve your room payment is made directly to Mercy Farm and separate from cost of the class)
Cost $350.00
Review: $75.00

Class DATE and TIME: September 3rd and 4th 
(Sat and Sun)
9am to 5pm both days
CONTACT: Donna Visco @ 908 656 4375 or 908 688 7974

go to www.pranichealingcentralnewjersey.com to register

Level One Pranic Healing Classes

for 2016 held in Union, nj

Classes regularly held in Union NJ at the Pranic Healing Meditation and Healing Room 1077 Nicholas Avenue, Union, NJ 07083

Schedule for September and October:

Pranic Psychotherapy
September 9  Friday from 9am to 9pm
Teacher: Cynthia De Leon
Cost : $350.00
Review:  $75.00
Lunch and Dinner will be served
(This class can be paid for by making arrangements with Cynthia De Leone at cyndel@gmail.com)

Level One Pranic Healing
September 23 and 24th
Friday from 6:30pm to 9pm
Saturday from 9am to 7:30pm
Cost  $350.00
Review $75.00
Lunch and dinner will be served on Saturday